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Hello players! In hope to clear up some confusion and questions regarding applications, there has been a minor change to the applications. No ones current application should be affected by this change.

| Disclaimer Added

Hopefully this clears up the confusion on how and when we do applications. I apologize for not putting this disclaimer here before hand.

If you have any questions regarding applications, please reply to this thread.

Have a nice day. :)

by BenguMC at 1:45 AM
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Our systems have been fixed from last month, but we are late on announcing the winners once again! This is due in part to the recent reset we under went, but was mostly because we forgot entirely about it. We apologize for the inconveniences, but are looking forward to the next cycle to begin.

The winners of this contest for voting are as follows:
DavidKim622 - With 100 total votes

Pedro9558 - With 98 total votes
KyDiamonds - With 80 total votes
ckv13 - With 71 total votes

Please note:
If you are a winner and have not been messaged on the forums yet, it's because your account is not listed under your forums account. To do so, please add your minecraft account to your forums account or make your forum account name similar or same to your in-game minecraft username.
As a formality of how things have gone so far, there must be changes in on our system to make it more efficient. Thus, if you want to be considered in our count of top voters for each month's cycle and valid for the drawing you must have a forum account with a similar name to your in-game username or have your minecraft account linked to the account. This is so we can easily find you at the start of the month and give out the vouchers accordingly. Thank you all for understanding, and we hope to see you all back in-game soon!
by BenguMC at 8:29 PM
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Hey Farmers! We're back again, and we're here to announce something BIG! We will be resetting the server on March 5th, 2017 to better benefit the masses and allow you to gain new experiences. What's this mean for you though? Continue reading below to find out.


As many of you may know, there's been a rumored reset to come in the past few months, this will act as exactly that. We reset the server as needed due to different concerns brought up in the community. As we've progressed from our initial launch in August for our 2.0 update, we have grown a ton, in experience, players, and activity. With that being said, we're an economy server, and at a certain point there needs to be adjustments to the eco to make sure that things are running squeaky clean. We're excited to bring new content to the server, but we need to work from the ground up and this is the next step in the long process that is developing an economy server.
As this is a full reset the server entirely will reset all player data on March 5th, 2017. This means that all plots, balances, inventories, in-game ranks (not /buy or donor) and ender-chests will be deleted. The reason behind this reset is to benefit the players and allow the economy to work as a more fluid organization of players.
The simple answer to this commonly asked question is no, this is an intentional reset and will allow all players an even and fresh start. The only compensation that will be made is a large sale on the webstore to allow players to obtain ranks, keys, and kits at a discounted rate. If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to leave them below.​
by BenguMC at 1:50 AM
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Holy cow, you all did amazing this past month! All in all we totaled just over 10,000 unique votes! I could not be more impressed by how well this community has come together and the immense reaches we have grown in just a month, I'm seriously amazed!

With that being said, not everything went as smoothly as we had hoped it would. We realized early on in the month our system wasn't capturing the votes as we had intended it to and wouldn't provide the most accurate results as to who the top voters were. With that being said I've also been very ill and not on the computer during the past week or so - and I was unable to actually retrieve the data from the sites themselves.

We're brand new to all of this and want voting to still be rewarding to the players willing to put in their time and energy towards our community, but we are unable to provide our top efforts this month. Below is a list of what happened, and what we plan to do to make things right for the top voters and what we will do in the future to prevent further issues.​

While our system had not captured the top voters and recorded them correctly, we are unable to have a definitive answer as to who actually won by the exact amounts, but with the help of the community - we will find the correct winners and be giving out the prize amounts to the top five players nonetheless. We are aware of a few players on the list, but not entirely sure who composed the top five. Below if you could - we would appreciate your input on who you believe were in the top five voters of January. We would like to have an agreeable top 5 list by the 15th of this month so we can push these rewards out to the winners as soon as possible. (A few players we know were near the top of the top five are Trinity_Force and Mason_TryHards, leaving another three unclaimed.)
In hopes of preventing similar altercations in the months that follow, we have now implemented a server-side counter of votes. (We were aware of the issue last month, midway through the month and decided not to implement the system then because of...
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Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a great day! :)

| Application Forms

Helper, builder, and developer applications are all available now. When you are applying, please apply in the correct forum section or select the correct application form when applying from the "Application Forms" tab at the top.

| Changes (Important!)

Senior staff has decided to change the way applications will be handled and the process of going through it. As you may have noticed, moderator applications are no longer an availability. It has been decided that everyone has to apply for helper first and then go from there. Senior staff would then pick helpers to be mods. Please note that not every helper will be guaranteed promoted to mod or be guaranteed to be promoted to mod straight away. If you do get accepted as a helper, please do not nag us about choosing you to be a mod. This will only lower your chances and may result in other consequences! To anyone who currently has an application pending that applied for moderator, your application will now stand as a helper application and you do NOT have to reapply.​

If you have any questions about anything regarding staff applications, please reply to this thread!

Have a nice day. :)
by BenguMC at 1:44 AM
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Hello Farmers! Today I've got some exciting news regarding the donor store, so let's jump right into it!


Summed up in as few words as possible, the store will now be more regularly managed, this means that the there most likely be a sale active at any time. Ranks, Keys, and Kits alike will be split into separate sales that run in two-week intervals. Each sale will provide a "Featured Item" in which it will be the highest discounted item on the store for that two week period.

Currently, we have a sale for 45% off ranks, and 25% off Keys and Currency. The featured package is "Kit Keys" marked down by a 50% discount. These sales will provide an opportunity for members in the community to score the amazing benefits available on the shop for a discounted rate, but also allow for variances.

The only time that the schedule for a sale will change is for Holiday Sales, most holidays will have a respective announced sale that allows us to give the ranks out a much lower cost. Please note, that these sales are constantly changing, and we reserve the right to revoke, suspend, or continue a sale without prior warning.

As always, feel free to use the coupon code "HC10" for an additional 10% off of your entire basket purchase. Thank you for tuning in, we hope to see you all on the server soon!​
by BenguMC at 5:08 PM
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As some of you may have noticed, the server went down this afternoon and at the time of writing this is still down. The server is undergoing some well-over-due maintenance. While the server is down, you will not be able to connect, but no need to worry! When we're live again we will be the same as before, but will have a much cleaner back-end for the server.

We should be live within the hour. :)
by BenguMC at 1:19 PM
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Hello Farmers, back again with an amazing update. Just kidding, just a small update ;)

As many other servers have done in the past, and continue to do monthly, monthly voting rewards are coming to HarvestMC. For this update we will be awarding the top voters in each monthly cycle for their contributions. The rewards will be vouchers to the webstore for a creditable amount.
  • First Place Prize: $65.00 Voucher
  • Second Place Prize: $50.00 Voucher
  • Third Place Prize: $35.00 Voucher
  • Fourth Place Prize: $25.00 Voucher
  • Fifth Place Prize: $15.00 Voucher
These vouchers will be redeemable at checkout on the webstore and valid on any purchases. If your purchases exceed the amount of the voucher, you must pay the difference, the voucher is also only good for only one check-out. (Multiple packages may be in the check-out but the code can only be used once.)
As voting is new to HarvestMC, it's due time that we announce the rewards for each time you vote. You may vote once per day on each site for a total of four rewards. Each vote in-game will reward the following items:
  • [Large] Mysterious Shard x5 (In-Game Currency)
  • Random Mysterious Key [EACH VOTE WILL REWARD 1 KEY]
    • Rare Key 45.00% Chance per vote
    • Epic Key 32.00% Chance per vote
    • Legendary Key 20.00% Chance per vote
    • Mythical Key 3.00% Chance per vote
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Hello, Farmers! Welcome to the new forums of HarvestMC!

| Server IP Change
Please use the following ip address to connect to the server from now on: play.harvestmc.net
With our new forums comes a lot of updates. Below is a full list of what to expect from this forum update, and what will be housed on the forums in the future.


  • New Theme/Layout
  • News Section/Announcements
  • Ease of life for many features, and a new rating system
What to Expect:
  • Active Changelog of events from the server.
  • Active forum moderators.
  • New application systems (Builder Apps too!)
As we all progress through the difficulties of the new forum we hope you understand that things won't always go smoothly. We are excited to bring new content towards the front-line of the community and provide a more clear-cut and transparent process throughout. If you have any questions, feel free to open a forum post about it in the appropriate section.

Please note:
This update means that all data on the previous website has been removed. All accounts will need to be re-created and applications re-submitted.
Appologies for any inconvenience.