1.13.2 Reset as of 1/24/19!

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    The reset is now live! Please note you must join the server on a 1.13.2 client from now on!

    We have decided that we would be changing a lot of core gameplay elements during this reset. The following major changes have taken place:
    - Added the Guardian Crystal trinket (Strength 2 effect + sneak to boost in the water)
    - Added the Pocket Conduit trinket (Conduit effect in the water)
    - Auction House has been remastered (now has live auctions that require bidding)
    - Changed how Spawners behave
    - Changed to Animated Tree Feller
    - Changed Pets
    - Changed the "Sell All" button to a "Main Menu" button in all shops
    - Updated to 1.13.2 from 1.12.2 A full changelog can be found in #changelog

    Unlike many other resets we've had, we also decided to reset claim blocks during this reset. You will retain all donor ranks, pets, disguises and kits you have obtained but you will not have the claim blocks you had previously. To counter this issue we have increased the maximum blocks you could receive from played time (from 4500 total to 25000 total) and will be providing a temporary shop (to be added this weekend) to the game for a limited amount of time to sell claim blocks for shards. This shop will also sell seasonal event items from the last two events.

    All donations from November 25, 2018 to Janaury 24, 2019 have been re-issued (FREE KEYS <3!). To top all of this off, we have also launched a 60% off sale on all packages on the webstore (at http://shop.harvestmc.net/ or /buy)! We hope to see you all soon and can't express how excited we are for this reset !

    WORLD DOWNLOAD: http://farm.mc-mu.net/world.zip

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