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  1. KitKatlovesMC

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    Hey Everyone!

    The Admin and Build Team are hosting another building competition! We want to encourage everyone to participate in this building competition even if you think your builds are rubbish! The rules are pretty simple and so is the way to submit your builds. All of the information regarding the competition are discussed below:

    Theme: Open - It can be anything you want so long as it's appropriate!
    Time limit: 2 weeks (April 30, 2018 - May 14, 2018 11:59 PM CST)
    Where: The server - It has to be on the server. We will not except builds outside of the server.
    Judges: The Admin and Builder Teams

    1st place: Emperor/Empress
    2nd place: King/Queen
    3rd place: Kit Keys Voucher

    1) Please keep it relevant to the assigned theme.
    2) No vulgar/graphic/inappropriate builds - you will be disqualified immediately and may not be able to participate it future competitions.
    3) No copying and/or cheating! This is considered plagiarism and it is punishable by law (not to mention extremely rude) so please don't do this!
    4) One entry per player.
    5) Staff members may enter too (except Admins and Builders).
    [Future rules may be added so be aware of changes!]

    How to submit a build:
    1) Click the "Application Forms" button on the navigation tab or click the "New Thread" button in the "Building Competition Entries" forum section.
    2) It should bring you to a page where it will ask you for your in-game name, screenshots of your build, the location (coordinates) of your build, and anything you would like to say.
    3) After that, hit submit and your entry will be entered. That's all that's to it!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a staff member or reply to this thread. We strongly encourage every community member to participate! We really want to have more competitions and events and you guys showing us that you're interested as well as giving us suggestions for future things helps out a lot with planning and future ideas!

    *If you already have the rank you win, it will be compensated.
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  2. XoltionGamingLoop

    XoltionGamingLoop New Member

    These builds will need to be done in a protected area else they will be griefed. So for some players, this may be limiting, like for myself. Personally, I like to build big and on the server, I can't do such. Is there any safe place we can do this or am I limited to what room I have?

    Been planning something on a single player world and on the server, I will never have the money to spend to work on such a project. There are many limiting factors to when it comes to being on the server. For newbies, money and space will be an issue unless there is somewhere safe for us to build and money is no object. With this being said. If you want people to show interest, you've got to appeal to everyone, being it having nothing to having everything. There are a lot of people on this server that will be interested but won't be able to join in due to not being able to afford materials or have the room to express themselves. That will result in people not showing interest as if they cant be involved, there is no point in showing it :)
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  3. KitKatlovesMC

    KitKatlovesMC Server Staff Owner Administrator

    That is true. I originally planned for it to be that way but was told to just allow it through the normal world. I'll bring it back up again and see what can be done. Thanks for letting us know!
  4. XoltionGamingLoop

    XoltionGamingLoop New Member

    Okay :) Glad to hear that all of that has been considered already, just wanted to make sure, I'm that kind of guy to challenge this stuff when I see a problem (in my opinion). Could be worth having a separate world for the building competitions, that way it can remain on there server for everyone to view :)
  5. KomradeKatMarie

    KomradeKatMarie New Member

    May 12
    Kat - Today at 4:50 PM
    The building competition ends tomorrow!! Get your submissions in ASAP!

    Why are the timings different on the end time?
  6. KitKatlovesMC

    KitKatlovesMC Server Staff Owner Administrator

    May 14, 2018 11:59 PM CST; go to google and type in 'what is <your time zone> in CST'

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