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  1. KitKatlovesMC

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    Hey Farmers!

    Are you interested in showing off your building skills and earning cool prizes for them? If so, we have an awesome offer for you - The Admin and Building Team are hosting our very first building competition! The rules are pretty simple and so is the way to submit your builds. All of the information regarding the competition are discussed below:

    Theme: Spring
    Time limit: 2 weeks (March 30, 2018 - April 13, 2018 11:59 PM CST)
    Where: Anywhere - the server or your own world
    Judges: The Admin and Builder Teams

    1st place: Emperor/Empress
    2nd place: King/Queen
    3rd place: Kit Keys Voucher

    1) Please keep it relevant to the assigned theme.
    2) No vulgar/graphic/inappropriate builds - you will be disqualified immediately and may not be able to participate it future competitions.
    3) No copying and/or cheating! This is considered plagiarism and it is punishable by law (not to mention extremely rude) so please don't do this!
    4) One entry per player.
    5) Staff members may enter too (except Admins and Builders).
    [Future rules may be added so be aware of changes!]

    How to submit a build:
    1) Click the "Application Forms" button on the navigation tab or click the "New Thread" button in the "Building Competition Entries" forum.
    2) It should bring you to a page where it will ask you for your in-game name, your builds, and anything you would like to say.
    3) After that, hit submit and your entry will be entered. That's all that's to it!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a staff member or reply to this thread. We strongly encourage every community member to participate! We really want to have more competitions and events and you guys showing us that you're interested as well as giving us suggestions for future things helps out a lot with planning and future ideas!

    *If you already have the rank you win, it will be compensated.
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  2. spiritSeeker_FiM

    spiritSeeker_FiM New Member

    Query: if we build it in our own world, how is that world submitted for judging?
  3. BlobbyGuy

    BlobbyGuy BloBloBloB Administrator

    @spiritSeeker_FiM For this first round: Screenshots will need to be provided, as seen in the form to submit an entry. However, in the future we are looking to some other solutions :).
  4. Rrainedrop

    Rrainedrop New Member

    Ah darn sorry I missed this! That'll teach me to slack off! o_O
  5. KitKatlovesMC

    KitKatlovesMC Server Staff Owner Administrator

    It's alright! We're definitely going to be doing more competitions in the future!

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