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    Hey Farmers!

    As you may have heard around the server working on a pretty big update... Up to this point we have not confirmed or denied anything, but in this post we would like to set things straight.

    Firstly, we are working on a large update for HarvestMC, and it will be coming in the next few months. This update will change the game in it's entirety forever. We would like this update to bring us up to speed in many areas we currently lack, and are hoping that we will see an influx in player base to follow. While the server is excellent in it's own form, we will be the first to point out it's many issues. For instance, here are the ones that come to mind immediately, and we hope we can fix.

    • Current Spawn/Town
      • Our current spawn is far from the best build wise, so we would like to update it.
      • Our spawn currently houses 40+ NPC's in a very small area causing many lagging attributes to the server's overall health.
    • Plot System
      • While the plot system can be fun, and allows for some creative content, it's dated and needs to be changed. We have ran with some sort of plot system since the server has started in August of 2013. Upon an update to the server we would like to change to an open-world system that has a claiming system. This will be in a custom generated world.
    • Lack of Content/Custom Items
      • On our current build of the server we have many custom items and trinkets, but we lack the lore behind them to make them creative. We need more custom items in the game to add flavor to the experience, and would like the communities help in coming up with names of items, lore of items, and further content. Please let us know your brilliant ideas!
      • Add to our lists of community ideas here: http://www.harvestmc.net/forums/index.php?threads/trinket-suggestions.1044/#post-1856
    • Lag Spikes, Server Crashings, and Server Health
      • The server as a whole is on a 32 GB Dedicated Server and should be able to handle much more than what we are throwing at it, the issue becomes one unique to our server in the sense that we have things other servers don't have at all. One of our largest issues is that we are running on a lot of outdated code, this update has and will fix the issue of our code lagging the server.
      • A second issue that we are experiencing is the issue of our compatibility, we are currently running a server base of Spigot 1.9.4, this is a severely outdated version of the game and many plugins create conflicts with this version. With this update we will strictly only allow the newest version of Minecraft to release on every release it updates. This should remove any issues regarding lag.
    Okay, let's talk about the update. While we can notice the downside of the current server, we also realize that we have cultivated an audience that has learned to love our little server. As a gesture of good faith we intend to keep both the new updated version of the server, and the current version of the server live. If we keep both servers running it will also give us a unique opportunity to change content of the server, while still staying true to our selves and allowing the players who enjoy the content offered on the current rendition of the server to play it. Below is a few simplified things we would like to see the communities help in with this update:
    • Build Team
      • As we expand our community and server it's important that we have a build team formed that is able to help us grow and produce content at a faster rate. So far we have accepted one builder application (@LunerHive), and have been very impressed.
      • We are looking for any active members of the server to be applying for the Builder Rank, so we can push content faster, and at a more fluid pace. If you think you have what it takes to become a builder, PLEASE APPLY HERE!
      • Additionally we are also looking for devoted members of the community that are excellent with the use of the following plugins: VoxelSniper, GoBrush, GoPaint, and World Edit.
    • Creative Content Ideas
      • As we go into this update full force we are intending to forge more lore around the everyday items and tools you may find and use in the server to make new tools, items, and trinkets. As we are a small staff team, and an even smaller update team we need the communities help in coming up with more creative ideas. Please post ANY suggestions for items, lore, content, or anything else in the appropriate forum.
      • Feel free to start your own threads for ideas in suggestions, and build off of others'!
    Furthering the update spirit we would like to take a second to brag about the content and ideas already created through our development process, while also giving you a solid idea of what our goal is for the server. Below is a list of planned and already created features:
    • Towny Base
      • Transferring to a Towny base will allow us a lot of expansion to our current server. A few key points are listed below.
        • A more inclusive co-op experience
        • A more actively free-trade experience economy
        • Additional money sinks in the form of taxes to remove money from the economy which will help maintain and regulate the economy.
        • Additional forced interactions between players, making for a better experience of gameplay.
    • Open World Gameplay
      • A more diverse economy will be generated due to restrictions being removed from the gameplay
      • Our custom generated world will allow for a more immersive experience for the players and allow you to make your mark on the world as a whole, for better or worse.
    • Additional Lore/Custom Content
      • With the update we seek to make a story and lore come alive from the server itself, we would like stories to be created for nearly everything and give a reason for everything to be in our world. For instance, all of the Legendary tools will be named after immersing gods that will be respected by the local people and have statues around the spawn.
    • Quests and Achievement Systems
      • We would like to implement a quest system that will allow us to immerse the player further into our story and lore for the server, while rewarding the player with custom items that will be used in crafting and rare trades.
      • We would additionally like to add a custom achievement system to allow you to progress through the server and have a set of goals ahead of you in order to extend gameplay for all members of the community.
    • Lore, Lore, Lore, MOAR LORE
      • We can not express enough that we strive to make this update lore rich in order to have a story crafted from it.
    With this update we will undergo many struggles going from point a to b, but we are excited for the future and will try to update everyone along the way. We will soon be making a dev/build blog on the forums with updates on how this massive undertaking is going. Please leave any questions and comments below.
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    Is Harvest Craft shut down?
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    Not at all! We're planning a huge update, but it won't remove the current version of HarvestMC, nor will the current version get removed in the process.

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