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    Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a great day! :)

    | Application Forms

    Helper, builder, and developer applications are all available now. When you are applying, please apply in the correct forum section or select the correct application form when applying from the "Application Forms" tab at the top.


    | Changes (Important!)

    Senior staff has decided to change the way applications will be handled and the process of going through it. As you may have noticed, moderator applications are no longer an availability. It has been decided that everyone has to apply for helper first and then go from there. Senior staff would then pick helpers to be mods. Please note that not every helper will be guaranteed promoted to mod or be guaranteed to be promoted to mod straight away. If you do get accepted as a helper, please do not nag us about choosing you to be a mod. This will only lower your chances and may result in other consequences! To anyone who currently has an application pending that applied for moderator, your application will now stand as a helper application and you do NOT have to reapply.​

    If you have any questions about anything regarding staff applications, please reply to this thread!

    Have a nice day. :)
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